Does Revitol Eczema Really Work?

Eczema is a kind of dermatitis (even called atopic dermatitis) characterized by a red, itchy rash usually broken and hurting the skin. Some of the areas that are infected are the face, hands, joints of elbows and knees. The word eczema comes from the Greek word from Zeo-meaning ex-cooked and accurately describes the condition of the skin when it is eczema. The cause of eczema is the Revitol Eczema Cream close contacts. almost caused by contact with substances that make the skin react.

Eczema due to irritation of the skin on the outer layers. Although this irritation typically caused by external causes such as cleaning fluids, or wool fabrics, may also be caused by psychological factors such as stress and a very common cause of eczema is food as an allergic reaction. Foods that can cause eczema are cow's milk, eggs, wheat, nuts, pollen and dust mites.

The way in which can manifest as eczema varies depending on the stage at which it is located. However, the most common symptoms include itchiness (which may be intolerable), dryness, redness and scaling of the skin. So if you start to feel intense itching and your skin is irritated, dehydrated, "pops" or small displays bubbles with clear liquid, it is likely to have mild eczema. Continuous scratching can cause skin abrasions, making it prone to infection.

Eczema is not condition life threatening. The most common concern is a serious skin infection as a complication. Severe atopic dermatitis flare may affect the availability and quality of the child's life (discomfort in his / school activities, disturbance in sleep). Furthermore serious damage can lead to scarring.

One in 10 will show eczema at some time in their life. But it is most common in children. 3/4 of those with eczema are teenagers. It is a little more common in girls than in boys. It can manifest itself in infancy (infantile eczema), with symptoms for this review such as intense scaling, redness, blisters and crusts (scabs).

Those who have eczema in infancy and childhood show depression symptoms after age 30. Those who still have after this age, will acquire chronic disease with remissions (spring, autumn) and exacerbations depending on the season.

The swimming pool with chlorine can worsen the child's eczema. However, if before swimming the child put on the skin a hypoallergenic sunscreen, do shower immediately after swimming and spread moisturizing the skin after leaving the pool, atopic dermatitis usually not worse. Men suffering from eczema may be at a higher risk for erectile dysfunction.

Eczema may be inherited. Many facts show that eczema is inherited from generation to generation. For example, it is a disease that occurs very early in human life and have many members of the same family. So, we are talking about heredity, but we have to clarify how inheritable or which factors are those that affect whether inherited or not.

The treatment of eczema is not yet feasible and does not appear in the near future such a solution. The treatment, therefore, aims to remove the factors which aggravate the disease, e.g. relieve itching. This will facilitate the sleep of the child and will prevent scratching, which leads to skin damage and to eliminate infections.

Apart from any form of therapy, it is particularly important to understand patients and their environment that eczema is a chronic disease and therefore requires ongoing treatment to achieve adequate therapeutic control.

Dry skin can make eczema worse. Therefore, keep the skin moisturized would be important. After the bath you can keep your skin moisturized by using emollient creams like revitol eczema and lotions.

It is advisable to avoid using detergents because the skin irritation can be exacerbated. You should use only normal water. It is very important to avoid scratching your skin. Scratching your skin can cause skin breakage and infection. The ingredients of the Revitol Eczema Cream It is beneficial for the treatment of skin from eczema, as it helps in quick healing.

One of the most powerful healing herbs in nature. The inherent known for centuries for its ability to heal fractures and bruises disappear. The encounter in many therapeutic formulations. The only negative point is that rapidly heals skin and causes intense itching, as about and dermatitis alone.

Plantain: It is a very good herb with anti-pruritic properties. Traditionally used to alleviate allergies and irritations caused by contact with various plants such as poison ivy, etc.